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Glen, Bernard, Andius and Joe getting off the bus

Joe Baribeau makes a stop to say hello to his wife back stage before going on   

Bernard, Glen and Joe
hanging back stage

The 31st Annual Russian River Jazz Festival

Several thousand people patiently waiting for the performance

Sound Engineer hard at work. Thanks for the great job Steve

Performing with
Marion Meadows 

Delton Walker, Michaele and Joe Baribeau back stage   

Michaele and Marion
Performing Slow Dance   

Boney James and Joe 
Hanging back stage 

Abe Vasquez our sax player with Boney James   

Marion Meadows, Abe Vasquez and Delton Walker.
A magical moment 

Who took this shot?
Had to be one of the
single guys in the band   

Joe's sister Debra Bassett, Joe and his wife Kimberly   

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